As a part of the ongoing education and awareness the Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying in Alexandria invites the public to participate in Unity Day the second Friday of each month. On that day, city staff and Alexandrians of all ages are asked to wear green to show their support for a Bully-Free Alexandria. Social media users are also encouraged to hashtag posts and photos with #Green4BullyFree.

During October, National Bullying Prevention Month, Alexandria hosted a series of activities to raise awareness about how to identify, respond to, and prevent bullying. The activities included sports days, family nights, school and recreation activities, a youth poster contest, and more. Participants at each activity had the opportunity to pledge their support and receive information and resources on how they can help reduce bullying.

The Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying was started in the summer of 2014 by then-Mayor William D. Euille. Over the last two years, city agencies, school system, community organizations, youth leaders and community residents have worked together to increase the awareness of the negative effects of bullying and to prevent bullying among Alexandria’s youth.

For more information on the Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying, contact or visit or

Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying – Unity Day monthly now

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