Who are we? The Miracle League of Alexandria is comprised of private citizens concerned with supporting recreation opportunities for individuals with special needs.

Members of our working group: Donnie Simpson, Carol Bailey, Pat Miller, Laura Fries, Lindsey Swanson, Bill Rivers, Katey Swanson, Allison McMahon, Monica Sanjur, Bruce Milton, Nick Halasz, Terry Burcham

Consulting City Staff: Mac Slover, Jackie Person, Dana Wedeles, Judy Lo

While these are the names of the people most closely associated with the MLA, our group really encompasses a much larger community in Alexandria – the businesses who have so willingly donated to the cause; the private citizens who donated funds for the Field and the playground; those who have donated their time to serve as volunteers helping our players during the Miracle League games; the Psi Nu Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity who attend every Miracle League game; the City staff who do such a great job for our special needs community; the families and friends who come out to the games to cheer on our players; plus many, many more.

Look through the pages of our website and you will see lists of the donors, as well as pictures of the many people involved in our effort. If you are interested in joining us, see the Contact page on the website and let us know.